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Lord You Know We Need You
By James o Lunsford
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Sweet Music On The Mountain
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Breaking In new Strings
By James o Lunsford
A Little Mountain Top Blues
     By James o Lunsford

The Way That You Used To
     By  James o Lunsford
Trying To Rememer The Last Time
I Give A Dam By James o Lunsford
Angry Pairot Sings The Blues
Boney Blues Man Sings The Blues
        By James o Lunsford
By James o Lunsford
To Old To Run
By James o Lunsford
Call Me Doctor By Jim Morris
Classic Gas Played By
 Turtlehead on  CBG
Buba-licious By Derek Rose
White Line Fever By A D Eker
Wes Carl Amp Anywhere Music Power
Night Witchery By Clock The Wolf
Angel Band   performed By L . Bolton
Dust on My Boots Downtown Vinnie
 Intrumental on Swamp Witch Guitar
Slowhound Hubcap Guitar
I'm Like A Wandering lost Crazy Dog
        Phill Hillbilly   Insrumental
Ain't No Grave Gon na Hold My Body Down
           Performed By Sammy LIoyd
I Ain't Got Time For The Blues
      By James o Lunsford
Gon na Hop Me A Fast Train
      By James o Lunsford
Help Us Find Our Way Home
     By James o alaunsford
Hard Working Man
By James o Lunsford And Downtown Vinnie
Dusty Old Thinga
By James o Lunsford
Harley Loves To Ride
By James o Lunsford
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We Don't Run By James o Lunsford
Daddy Took Me Fishing
  By James o Lunsford

My Guitar Collection
The Angels Are Crying
By James o Lunsford
Johnny Be Good
Performed By James o
Wid Horses
Performed By James o Lunsford
Midnight Special
Performed By James o Lunsford
Born On The Bayou
Performed By James o Lunsford
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Performed By James o Lunsford
House Of The Rising Sun
Performed By James o Lunsford
I like That Old Time Rock and Roll
Performed By James o Lunsford
Bell Mountain Park
In Hiawasse Ga Near My Home
I Like That Old Time Rock and Roll
Every Thing Get Better With Time